Melissa C. Davis, LCPC


 At the core of each of our experiences in life is our felt sense of feeling secure or insecure in our relationships.  Therapy encourages healing past and current relationship hurts, while recognizing how these hurts shape our self worth.  Because so many of our patterns are rooted  in earlier life experiences, or in significant traumatic events, it is essential for healing that part of this process include expanding our  awareness and mindfulness of how our nervous system is responding regularly to experiences in the here and now.  In our every day lives, we each have developed many ways of avoiding or protecting against painful, yet real significant dilemmas.   This often is experienced as symptoms of anxiety or feeling disconnected from self and others.  We desperately want things to be different, though we find ourselves engaging in the same patterns on repeat. Despite the desire for change, we keep getting in our own way. Through modalities such as Natural Processing, EMDR, and somatic focused mindfulness, we can develop a deeper connection to our internal experience and over time increase our resilience and capacity to be present with these difficult truths and struggles we are often working so hard to change, yet are significantly defended against.     

Therapy Process

I support the exploration of internal somatic responses which are intricately linked to our beliefs about self and the world, and deepen the awareness of how we are often subconsciously making decisions that keep us stuck, lonely, and hopeless. Once we can establish this awareness, we can then begin to be present with our authentic desires, fears, and goals and create change rooted in a connected, conscious place, in turn breaking out of our patterns.   

  I work with adults and families. I am attachment, or relationship, focused in my approach along with a strong focus on Natural Processing and somatic focused mindfulness. I am trained in EMDR which can be significantly beneficial in the healing of trauma.  I am also a trained facilitator of the parenting curriculum Circle of Security.  Specific areas of therapeutic work I typically support clients with include though are not limited to:  life transitions, relationships struggles, anxiety, depression, trauma, and parenting concerns.