Jessica Stuart, LCPC

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Increasing one's awareness of their experience, motivations, and role in their relational system I believe is essential for change. I set out to create a safe, non-judgmental environment that will promote growth and movement towards interacting intentionally and positively in relationships. Emotional safety and security will be created in the therapy room and with all members to enhance effectiveness of pragmatic resolutions and skill building interactions. 


For Individuals
I have received extensive training in EMDR and "Natural Processing", which integrates somatic psychotherapy with EMDR allowing for a deeper understanding of client's natural processes  and the reprocessing of traumatic memories. Interpersonal, mindful, and somatic approaches influence my work. While I value the past and believe our experiences develop how individuals manage emotions and engage their surroundings. Therapeutic work tends to focus on how strategies are working/not working for individuals in the present moment. 

For couples
Did you know that those same fights that keeps coming up about the kids, sex, money, the house, or work are rarely actually about the logistics of the issues? If it were actually about logistics it would have been solved already. So often these difficulties stem from old patterns that keep coming forward in present day intimate relationships. To better work with couples as they move through relationship, I am in a three-year training program called PACT, developed by Dr. Stan Tatkin. This work bridges an understanding of attachment style, neuroscience, and nervous system arousal. By bringing these areas into the session, we work to bring your relationship to a loving, secure-functioning place. I have also received training in Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy (EFT).